Homemade Soap Tutorial


This 14-page eguide will walk you through the fun hobby of melt-and-pour soapcraft and open up a world of possibilities. Includes tips, recipes, and more!


Attention Budding “Soapers”!

Do you love the look of beautiful, handcrafted soap but hate the thought of dealing with caustic stuff like lye?

This tutorial guide is for you!

Inside this 14 – page mini e-guide you’ll find instructions, tips and a few fun DIY recipes for making soap without messing around with chemicals. You may find it gets quite addictive after awhile….and your creations will not only be pretty to look at and display in your home,, but you will also enjoy presenting them as gifts, too!

A “Sneak Peek” of What’s Inside:

  • The “why’s” of homemade soap – and why you should get started NOW
  • Ingredients¬† – everything you need and nothing you don’t
  • A step by step guide
  • Quick checklist on fragrances that can be used
  • 3 creative projects to try (and you can include your kids, too with supervision)
  • How to care for your finished treasures

So what are you waiting for, time to get on the handmade soap bandwagon and see for yourself!

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