Welcome to the Create with Jennifer Shop!

We’re glad you’re here! Inside our little corner of the web you’ll be able to find all my printable guides and tutorials that every budding sculptor, crafter and hobbyist will be able to apply, use and enjoy.

Printables are great for educating and mastering new techniques, as they are all guides that you can download instantly – nothing to ship, ever! 

And let’s not forget the importance of gifting. If you know someone with a clay addiction, you’ll also find something just for him or her right here, too for that every-important birthday, promotion or whatever special occasion comes up. What better way to show the world what you’re all about than a fun tshirt, mug, phone case, etc., sporting a cheeky message that exemplifies your favorite hobby?

Be sure to bookmark my shop for future reference as I will be adding new items periodically. Enjoy browsing!


Our Latest Arrivals

A passion for clay, paper and paint, in no particular order….

Hi! I’m Jennifer! And that is my cat Cosmo in the picture. First things first….I’m the owner of the blog Create With Jennifer which I started back in 2016. I have dabbled in lots of different artforms, but I always found myself led back to my favorites: sculpting, papercraft and painting.

I knew that writing and blogging was something I always wanted to do.

But then I realized that I needed to think about having a line of my own products to support what I blog about. When exploring the market I learned a few things…in this day and age of telecommuting, remote working and high stress, people want to be able to access things easily, like yesterday, and not deal with things like shipping fees. Things like planner pages, trackers, and patterns, all seem to be very hot items today, for good reason.

So I started thinking about how I could incorporate these kinds of “instant download” products into my repertoire, and ta da, this shop was born.

And here you are – at the Create With Jennifer Shop.

Thank you for stopping by!