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We’re glad you’re here! Inside our little corner of the web you’ll be able to find my collection of printable products.

Instant downloads are not only convenient, but they help make the learning process fun and enjoyable as you can always print them and follow at your own pace.

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About Us

Hi, I’m Jennifer – welcome to my store!

We’re glad you’re here today! My story began when I started my blog Create With Jennifer back in 2016.

As much as I enjoy writing about my favorite craft, I realized that what I really needed was my own product line to supplement the projects I write about -and make them accessible and enjoyable to use for my readers. The printables boom was starting to take off and it turned out to be the ideal product type for which I could condense all that much-needed information . For my niche, tutorials seemed to be the right way to go. 

To those of you looking for the best info, you’ve found it. You may also find various products related to other crafts as well. As time goes by I will be adding more products the complement my articles on Create With Jennifer. And here you are today.

Thank you for stopping by!

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