Downloading Items

If you’ve come here looking for download instructions, I don’t offer technical assistance but I do anticipate certain questions so they will be addressed here.

Desktop viewing works best for viewing and downloading digital products; keep this in mind if you are viewing from a tablet or mobile device.

To be able to access the files post-purchase, I recommend that you have access to a PDF reader,the most popular one is Adobe Acrobat Reader, in which you can download the latest version (it’s free.)

Some of my products, particularly those with multiple pages (like 5 or greater), may be in a .zip file format which makes transferring larger files more expedient.

To open a .zip file, right click on the file icon and click on “Extract all” OR it may say “Send to” and from there is another flyout menu that should have “Extract here” and when prompted choose a location on your hard drive to save it.

You may also see a pop-up bar letting you know when extraction is complete, in which case you should be able to locate the extracted folder , it will have the same file name.

If you are having a hard time retrieving your files, you may want to check your Downloads folder. Be mindful of the name and folder that it is saved to, for future reference.

Thank you and enjoy!

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