Gardening Themed Bingo Game


Have a blast at your next garden party, outdoor gathering or backyard bar-b-que with the classic Bingo with a twist! Instead of numbers, the host will call out cute garden tool names instead.


The classic Bingo game loved by all…with a different twist!

Instead of numbers, players win points for 5 in a row of pretty plants or garden tools.

Hours of fun for your next party, gathering or meetup…Print out as many as you need, you can even laminate them so they’ll last longer, and use over and over. All Bingo cards are in letter size (A4) format. You can also print the Bingo cards so there will be 2 on each page, to conserve paper.

White cardstock works best for printing.

Use the markers, or whatever you have on hand like candy, coins, etc. to cover the spaces as they’re called out.

    20 Game Cards
    30 Callout Cards (on 3 pages)
    1 Sheet of Markers

Files will be delivered in a .zip file.

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