Garden Journal Planner


The ultimate journal for keeping track of all your day-to-duties! Never miss an important step of watering or weeding, when you have this unique planner page set on hand. Print whichever pages you need, keep in your binder to refer to. Made to accommodate every season of your journey.


***Printable Garden Planner Page Set**********

Ever have trouble staying on top of all those day-to-day tasks, like weeding, watering, and soil add-ins? So did we! There’s only so much time in a day and so much to do. That’s why I created this handy garden planner!

I leave no stone unturned, there is a tracker or checklist for every element of your duties, plus I include some handy grid and lined pages to plot out your special backyard retreat too, or just to take a break and jot down some of your thoughts.

Print them all, or just the pages you need, and as many as you need!

Everything is A4 standard letter size – after downloading save to the device of your choosing, print on your own at home or your local office supply store.

**HaPpY GaRdEnInG!**

What’s Included:
1. Cover Page
2. Shopping List
3.Seed Log
4. Supply Inventory
5. Soil Quality Checklist
6. Budget and Expense Tracker
7. Pests/Disease Log
8. Crop Rotation Log
9. Watering Schedule
10. Monthly Schedule
11. Weekly Schedule
12. Daily Chore Schedule
13. 2 Square Foot Grid Layouts
14. Seedling Tracker
15. Harvest Tracker
16. 2 Grid Layouts
17. Monthly Calendar
18. Plant Profile Sheet
19. Lined Note Page
20. 4 Gardener Quotes

Total pages of content: 25

This guide will be invaluable to keeping organized and your goals on target, whatever the season!

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