Step by Step Fruit Drawing Tutorial


This is a 10 page mini guide that will show you how to draw realistic looking fruit using vector graphics. You’ll be walked step by step through each fruit type and have fun mastering simple vector art techniques too.


Learn to draw realistic looking fruit for part of a still life, or just to add to your own projects…using Corel Draw!

By utilizing a vector based graphics program you can master the mess-free way of creating an artistic masterpiece using your computer and or drawing tablet if you have one. By the time you complete it you’ll have the skills to draw an orange, a grapefruit, apple and banana like a pro.

========WHAT YOU NEED TO USE THIS LESSON?=================

A vector graphics based program, it can be software or Cloud based. The most well known is the Corel Draw software program -The most current version that I know of is X8, but you can definitely use an older version – I’ve been using X5. You can also download a freeware program like Inkscape.

What you get:

The fruit lesson is a 10 page pdf guide with text instructions and screenshots for guidance.

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