DIY Windspinner Tutorial


This downloadable DIY wind spinner tutorial guide will have you up and running, and crafting genuine decorative conversation pieces for your backyard from materials you may already have on hand.


Hello fellow craft enthusiasts! Have you ever been strolling through a craft fair and saw a booth showcasing lots of beautiful handmade wind spinners by a talented artisan? Not only were they unique and special, but they might have been expensive, too!

I know, because it happened to me one time! And let’s not forget, the elaborate styles on them…You may have been thinking…”I wish I could make something like that…but I don’t know how to replicate those intricate details”

Well, that changes today, because I am going to show you how – using materials you may already have on hand!

Get started today making your very own windspinners from “waste” materials like soda bottles and cans…they will be a lot cheaper, not to mention the fun you’ll have doing it.

Inside this 20-page downloadable guide, you’ll get step by step instructions for 5 different styles of windspinners complete with illustrations and examples.

Don’t delay – get started today turning your trash into treasures for your backyard, patio or garden that will twist and turn in the breeze and mesmerize you with their patterns and colors – every bit as much as the more expensive ones you see in stores.

This pdf guide will be delivered in a .zip file.

What’s included:

  • Spiral Shape (version 1)
  • Spiral Shape (version 2 without glue)
  • 3D Star Shape Wind Twirler
  • Soda Bottle Spinner
  • Soda Can Spinner
  • Bonus Guide – How to preserve and care for your finished spinners

You’re just a few clicks away from a crash course in upcycled yard art!


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